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The Art and Science of Writing Your Company ABOUT US Page

Wednesday 4 May 2016 12.00

Posted By: Laura Sutherly Comments: 0 Categories: Company


If you break it down to “Art” and “Science,” your About Us page (which is really just your company story), will fall into place in a snap.


Think of the “Art” as pictures, videos and graphics--you need these because without them your page will be boring. You’re trying to get people interested in you, to engage with you. Good pictures and videos to use are: pics of the people who work at your company, the original founder, a product shot, a location shot or a video of you doing you.

Pictures should be of good quality. No fuzzies. No dark or silhouetted photos. And, of course, happy faces. Tip of the trade: Don’t use stock photos or videos you retrieved from the internet (that’s not authentic and it’s not you).

Here’s a great source for planning the visuals for your About Us page:

If you don’t already have quality photos, let everyone in your company know it’s picture day and take some good shots. It’s worth the money to hire someone to write for you, take quality photos, or produce a video. Remember, most people are shopping for your products and services on the internet and they are looking for someone they trust to take care of them.

What could be more “About You” than YOU? Be yourself in your photos and be sure you are reflecting your industry. If you’re a law firm, you’ll want to look professional. If you’re a dog groomer, it’s okay to show a selfie with your favorite dog. We can’t stress this enough: people want authenticity.


The “Science” of writing your About Us page also includes math. Science and math! Don’t be scared. You know this.

Simply gather a few numbers to help people understand who you are. People like facts and information. How many years have you been in business? What facts would lend credibility with your customers--How many engines you’ve sold? How many problems you’ve solved? How many claims you’ve reconciled? How many times you’ve won a customer service award? Or maybe your customers would like to know numbers like how fast your product can go from 0 to 60 in one minute. Maybe they want to know the average yield your product will give them in increases?

Here’s an example of how we might use numbers at Correspond in a Click:

“We have improved search engine optimization for 89 customers over the past year by completing 40 customer surveys, by conducting analytics for all of our customers, and through more than 1,000 hours of phone consulting.”

An easy way to get started (or to refresh) your “About Us” page is to remember the five W’s:

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Then add your “Art” and “Science” and wow them with your best pictures and facts.

If you need help writing your “About Us” page, we would be happy to help. Contact Correspond in a Click.

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