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First and Foremost: TELL YOUR STORY

Wednesday 20 April 2016 12.00

Posted By: Laura Sutherly Comments: 0 Categories: Customers

Consumers can spot a phony a mile away these days. So they are looking for a reason to trust you and to engage with you. Your website should give them what they want quickly, and in a genuine way.

Now that online marketing has morphed over the years thanks to improved technology, advanced search capabilities, and smartphones, consumers have become more savvy, and at the same time more impatient with the time they spend on a site.

The skill of getting it “all right” with web content, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management is a fluid endeavor. The goal is always the same though: get people to stay on your site, click through, and finally engage with you.

How do I get customers to trust me and engage, you ask?

According to Inc.com customers stay an average of 29.1 seconds.

Nielsen Norman Group says the most you can hope for is 59 seconds.


A good story, however, is one thing that might capture a brief pause for a quick-clicking customer. Make your story engaging and authentic--make it the story of your business and how it came to be and you might get the conversation started. People want to know how you became worthy to help them with your products and services. So they first need to trust you--the human(s) behind the company. The human element is “on-trend” right now because no matter the generation (but especially the younger generation), your authentic story is what sets you apart and connects you to your target customers.

So, the best place to start with your web content and graphics is the genuine, authentic story of your company, also known as the “About Us” tab. Capture your audience and you will have more time with them on your website.

Click on the “About Us” tab on our Correspond in a Click home page and read our story. We would love to help you develop your company’s storyline as a starting place for your new or redesigned website.